What is LLSA?

Lifelong Learning and Self Assessment (LLSA) is one of the four components of the “maintenance of certification” process established in 1999 by the American Board of Medical Specialities (ABMS). As it pertains to the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM), LLSA was designed to promote continuous learning by ABEM diplomats.

ABEM facilitates this learning by identifying an annual set of 10-15 readings based on the EM Model to guide diplomats in self-study of recent EM literature. The readings are designed as study tools and should be read critically. They are not intended to be all-inclusive and are not meant to define the standard of care for the clinical practice of EM. The new readings will be posted on the ABEM Website annually.

A 20-30 question test will be available each year in April and will remain online for three years. All diplomats must score 85% to pass the test (three attempts total are allowed at no additional cost). Diplomats must successfully take and pass 8 of 9 LLSA exams in order to be eligible to take ConCert, the recertification exam, every ten years.

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What is Patient Safety LLSA?

The Patient Safety LLSA is an ABEM LLSA activity that was developed by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) to focus on patient safety issues encountered by the emergency physician.

All ABEM certified physicians will be required to complete the Patient Safety LLSA in the first five-year MOC requirement period in each ten-year certification. However, the requirement is being phased in, which means that some diplomates – those with certificates expiring in 2014, 2015, or 2016 - will not have the requirement in their current certification. Their Patient Safety requirement will begin if they renew certification. In addition, some diplomates will have the requirement in the second five year requirement period of their current certification. Check your ABEM Requirements and Status page in MOC Online to find out if you have an ABEM MOC Patient Safety LLSA requirement. Even easier, by purchasing our “10 Year Discounted Special” Package we will keep you constantly updated with your ABEM MOC Requirements in a timely manner and guarantee you pass easily!

The PS-LLSA takes the place of one of your four required LLSA tests. If you have not yet completed all of your current required LLSA tests, completing the Patient Safety LLSA will count as one of them.

The PS-LLSA consists of the following components:

  • A pre-test
  • Review of ten patient safety articles
  • An audio-supported slide presentation that emphasizes the key patient safety points in each
  • A post-test (passing requires a minimum score of 85%)

This LLSA in all inclusive meaning when you register for the LLSA, you will get the articles for it. You will not have to find them on your own. Passing the post-test is comparable to passing a standard ABEM LLSA test, and counts toward fulfillment of ABEM MOC LLSA requirements. The design of the activity means it might take you longer than a typical LLSA. Once you register and complete the pre-test, you will have access to the ten patient safety articles. ABEM encourages you to stop and read all of the articles prior to listening to the lecture-slide series. The lecture series is a novel addition to the ABEM MOC Program. Listening to the lecture will take about 90 minutes. Once you pass the post-test and complete the evaluation, you will have completed the Patient Safety LLSA.

Here is the link to the FAQ’s for the PS LLSA:

LLSAPrep is designed to make this process painless by offering a review that is efficient, convenient, fun, affordable and guarantees you will pass!



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